Friday, April 27, 2012

365 Days...

Sometimes, 365 days seems like a long time. Other times it seems impossible that 365 days have passed.  

I've heard so much lately about today being set apart as a special day  "to remember".  For those whose lives were touched by the forces of nature last April, it's not just a day that the remembering takes place.  I'm sure there hasn't been a day that has passed in the last 365 that those who bore witness to such chaos haven't daily thought about it. They were not just touched by the forces of nature; their lives were dismantled.

Even though a year, 365 days, has passed, I continue to pray that our Father will keep on reaching out and wrapping His arms around those who still hurt, those who still grieve, those who are trying their best to move forward and that He will not only lead them in the direction they need to go but that He will make the path clear for them.

 365 days later, I still fervently ask for that and I still know beyond doubt that He will do that.  Understanding how isn't important. Continuing to have the faith necessary to believe that He will though is everything.