About Me

I am a Christian first, wife second and mom to 4 kids and many, many more through my heart. We have had the pleasure of watching a lot of kids grow up over the last 20 years that were friends of our kids. What a joy!

I am priveleged to be married to one of the kindest, most caring, most spiritually minded men I've ever known. Tim is truly my strength and my rock and I thank God for him.

Tim and I and Mikayla (our youngest daughter and the only one still at home) worship at Kelly Spring Rd. Church of Christ just north of Huntsville. Mikayla will be starting her Senior year in high school this fall.

Mikayla has been on the Sparkman High School drumline for the last 2 years playing first bass drum. For her Senior year, 2010-2011, she was moved to the position of second bass drum and named Drumline Captain at Sparkman! She also is working part-time at a local fast food place so her life tends to get pretty hectic sometimes.

Two of our kids, Aaron and Katie are students at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and our oldest son, Nathan, is in Auburn, taking a break from his classes and working before finishing up his finance major. Aaron, a nursing major should graduate in December if all goes well.  Katie, an elementary education major, is in her Junior year.  They all work part time jobs in addition to going to college so their lives are quite busy. Aaron is married to a true sweetie, Emily Hall Smith.  We're thrilled that she came into our family! Emily also works part time and is in college.

We have 2 cats, Bubba, the definite alpha male who is a scaredy cat when it comes to thunderstorms and Hershey, the elderly, grumpy female who is a scaredy cat when it comes to anything else. They, along with a lot of birds and fish round out our family nicely.

This blog is my attempt to do something that I've never done much of before. Some sweet friends of mine have said to me several times that I needed to write a book on my life experiences, lessons learned, growing through mistakes, child rearing, etc. You get the picture. So this is my attempt. A lot of the posts on the home page will be found on other pages of this blog. For example, if the post is a recipe, I'll also put it on my recipe page. I'm using the "Home Page" as kind of a hodge-podge for now. If you'd like to leave a comment, feel free to do so, but be nice please.

Now, I guess it's time to say...Welcome to my world!