Out of the Mouths of Babes...

The purpose of this section of my blog is just to post some things, mostly funny, that I've heard kids say or ask over the years.  These truly are "out of the mouths of babes".

-On the Beheading of John the Baptist...
 When reviewing the Bible lesson in Bible class concerning John the Baptist being beheaded, little Joshua spoke up and said, "That happened to my Grandpa." Shocked, the teacher explained again what beheading was. Not really knowing where to go from there concerning little Joshua's comment, he put the class at ease when he concluded saying, "They glued it back on though." (We all had to smile over that one.)

-On Creation...
After studying  about creation and what God created on each of the first 6 days, little Aaron spoke up and said, "Humans created roads."  Now, for an adult to come to that conclusion is one thing but for a 5-6 year old to come up with that? I thought it was pretty good.

- On Growing...
A little girl came into her class with an ace bandage wrapped around her left leg.  She was limping somewhat. She proceeded to let it be known that she had hit a "growth spurp" and her leg was hurting. When she was asked what a "growth spurp" was, she told everyone that a growth spurp was when you grow and you get growing pains but for some reason, all of her growing pains were in that one leg, the leg she had wrapped with an Ace bandage.

- On Death of a Pet...
Before we start classtime, we generally pray in the K-1 Bible class that I teach. Normally, we go around the table and ask the children if there is anything that they would like for the one who is saying the prayer to mention in particular. David's pet dog, Max, had died a few weeks earlier and he mentioned that he missed Max and he wanted the one saying prayer to remember Max in the prayer.  When 6 year old Virginia prayed to God, it went something like this.  "Dear God, Please put in Max's mind that David loves him and misses him very much." It made me smile.

  -On Speaking Spanish
Tim had given instructions to Nathan and Mikayla to have the basement cleaned by the time he finished running errands and returned home. Mikayla was pretty young at the time. She probably would have been around 5 years old.   He told them that he wanted that basement to be "spic and span". After hearing her dad, Mikayla thought for a minute and said, "Don't worry Dad. We'll be speaking spanish!"

-On Breakfast Foods
While studying creation in Bible class and talking about the trees that God created, Olivia asked, "Does oakmeal come from an oak tree?" (age - 5)

- On God
Does God drive a car, a van or a truck? (KT - preschool age)
Where does God go to church?  (KT- preschool age)
Does Blossom (our cat) believe in God? (KT  - 5)

- On Marriage
Expressing concern to his soon-to-be-aunt just a little bit of time before the wedding ceremony.

         "Are you sure you want to do this, mawidge is a very serious thing." - Nate (5)

- On Heaven
"Is the map in the back of your Bible a map of how to get to heaven, mom"? - KT (3)

-On Stud Finders
When we were working on finishing our basement, there were a lot of tools laying around the house. Mikayla held a stud finder up to the refrigerator and said, "I'm looking for duds." 

-On Praying in Bible Class (from little voices of little people)

"Thank you God for special scissors."
       (thanking God for scissors for handicapped kids)

"And God, help me to pick up my room, and help (sister's name) to pick up her room, and help (brother's name) to pick up his room, and help us to listen to mommy." (Mom surely had been trying to make a point with her kiddos.)

"And God...(after a long hesitation and some difficulty with putting his thoughts into words) know what I'm thinking."
-After being baptized into Christ...

 From 8 year old Zach to 11 year old Vincent:
       "How does it feel to have the angels in heaven rejoicing over you"!

-From 7 year old Caleb to his Bible class teacher:

     "Your face looks pitiful!"

Caleb then showed the teacher with his own facial expressions how his teacher's face looked as he wrinkled his forehead and tilted his head sideways and slightly opened his mouth. (His teacher had been listening to a student and obviously was reacting, (with her facial expression) to what the student was saying.)

On pronouncing words properly as a teacher...

When the teacher asked a question to her Bible class, instead of pronouncing every consonant in the word often, she said, "offen" as she was inclined to do more regularly than not. 6 year old Rachel looked at her teacher with a puzzled look on her face as if she was trying to figure out what it was exactly that her teacher had just said. Little Rachel then quietly whispered the word, "of-ten".  She wanted to make sure that her teacher knew how to say that word correctly.

 -On Bible Times Punishment for children...

While studying the series, Life in Bible Times, in my K-1 Bible Class, we were discussing the role of family members...the father, the mother, the children, etc.  We talked about the fact that disobedient children could be stoned in Bible times.  Six year old Virginia was almost speechless which was very unusual for this talkative student.  With a sympathetic look on her face, Virginia said, "Couldn't they give them a warning first?"

-While studying about Job ...

We learned that Job was from the land of Oz.

-After studying about Job...

 and understanding that Job truly lost basically everything he had, one little boy spoke up and said, "But he still worshipped God no matter what Satan did"!  (If we could only learn that lesson and take it to heart.)