Thursday, January 9, 2014

With Just A Little Love and Paint

I've taken up kind of a new hobby in the last few months. Not that I really have the extra time to add anything else in my schedule, but this was one of those "wants to" kind of things.  I had seen a lot about chalk paint, the ease of using it and the fact that very little prep to the furniture is needed. That last little phrase grabbed my attention - very little prep to the furniture is needed.  I had (and still do have) some things that really need to be painted but I detest the sanding that I always thought was necessary before painting. Well...along comes this new kind of paint called chalk paint. I think it was originally discovered or put together by a lady named Annie Sloan. She actually has her own line of the paint, now. It peaked my interest. I did some research and I was hooked. It is very easy to use and hardly any prep to the furniture is necessary. I particularly like the old or distressed look that it can take on with just a little bit of sanding.

I've done 5 small pieces so far and I'm thrilled with the results. I have a couple more pieces that I am currently working on plus several others in the future as well as my kitchen cabinets.  Can't wait to get started. Now, where's that time that I'm going to need?
# 1 - Before
#2 - Before

# 3 Don't have the before of this one but it was a dark wood finish.
My favorite piece so far...


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