Monday, May 12, 2014

Opportunities Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting Blossoms by Bev at my little roadside stand on HWY 53 for Mother's Day. It was a trying 3 days at times. The wind almost beat me and my flowers to death. The sales were slow for the three days, but in the end, that didn't matter at all. The lessons learned and the people that crossed my path at that little roadside stand made it all worthwhile. In particular, there was an older man whose tired face had been darkened by the sun. He was driving a small work truck with a lawn mower in the back when he pulled up to my stand, walked over and pulled some change out of his pocket. It wasn't a lot of change. But he just needed to get his wife some flowers for Mother's Day. "I don't have a lot, Mam, but I just need to get my wife some flowers. It's Mother's Day. Here, it's not much. What can I get for this?"

He selected a single stem carnation and reached his hand out, palm open, to pay for it. I told him to keep his money, walked around the table, picked up a bouquet, and handed it to him. Tears welled up in his eyes and began to roll down his cheeks as he repeatedly said, "Thank you. Thank you so much. They're for my wife. Thank you so much."

I am convinced that opportunities come into our lives often and we make the choice of what to do with them. I haven't always done well in that aspect. But this few minutes showed me clearly that it wasn't about the flowers, the business, or the little bit of money that I paid for that bouquet of flowers. It wasn't about Blossoms by Bev at all. It never has been and I pray that it never will be. It's about doing what we can do to serve our God - whether at school, at work, at home, or at a little roadside stand selling flowers. There's always opportunities. I am grateful for that opportunity Saturday as the wind continued to howl and sales continued to be slow.

Opportunities... Find yours this week. Then take advantage of them.

Ya'll have a great week. -bev ((Hugs))

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