Friday, July 30, 2010

Letter to the Editor...

I wrote the following letter to the Editor of the Huntsville Times in Huntsville, AL after becoming aware of the new dress code for the county school system. It was posted in the Huntsville Times on July 24, 2010.

School Dress Code

As a parent of four children who have attended school in the Madison County School System for grades K-12, I have observed in shock the way students have been allowed to dress while attending our county school system. Totally inappropriate would be a good way to describe some of the clothing and accessories that have graced the hallways of our schools. Exposed cleavage, sagging pants, body piercings, vulgar and sexually suggestive T-shirts are just a few of the ways that our kids have been allowed to "express themselves".

Everyone does not want to see your cleavage, girls, but when you wear a spaghetti-strap sundress or top so low that your breasts are barely covered, you leave others no choice when they glance your way but to see your cleavage. Everyone doesn't want to see your boxers or briefs, guys, but when you not only sag your pants but sag them so low that you can hardly walk, and at the same time expose your boxers, you leave others no choice but to see them when they glance your way. The same goes for the filthy, suggestive language that can be found on some T-shirts.

Shame on us for teaching our children that how they present themselves to others doesn't matter. It does matter.

Although I am sorry for the added work to enforce it, I am thrilled to see the Madison county School Dress Code for 2010-2011. Thank you, Superintendent Terry Davis, and Madison County Board of Education.

Beverly Smith

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